Turkish & Talavera Tiles

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We Offer Talavera and Turkish Tiles

Turkish & Talavera Tiles | Tile Table World Corporation - Miami, NY

For our tables, we are proud to use Mexican Talavera tiles and Turkish tiles to give you the most vibrant and durable tiles available, with a large assortment of designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. Because of our unique process in using these tiles, their durability is increased to withstand severe and wintry weather conditions, such as cold rain, ice, and snow.

Mexican Talavera tiles have a reputation for strength as well as delicate allure. They are crafted and glazed using traditional methods, assuring that each tile has been attended to by expert artisans. Ceramic Talavera tile dates back to the 17th century when the Spanish settled the New World. Talavera is the name of a city in Spain that has a reputation for excellent ceramics, pottery, and tiles.

The New World name was given as tribute to the Mexican artisans who made such exquisite work. When you look at the tiles themselves, you can see the mix of influences, such as Mexican, Spanish, and Mediterranean, present in the illustrations and colors.

Like Talavera tiles, Turkish tiles are sturdy as well as visually striking. Their origin dates back to the 8th century with the peoples of Central Asia. After the 11th century, when the Turks began moving west into modern Turkey, the ceramics began to incorporate themes of Islamic, Greek, and eastern Mediterranean origin. They frequently incorporate floral and tree paintings with ornate lattices, often in brilliant blues, reds, and greens.

We recommend that you view many of the different tiles and table designs to see how the shapes and styles work together before you make a final purchase. We provide deals on samples so that you may see how the tiles look and feel in real life. You will be pleased you were able to examine the tiles for yourself before making your decisions.